Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wrap Around

Now that you’ve heard my thoughts on the situation
I’m gonna explain how I’m gonna change it
Make quality sound everytime I come through
Follow my path and it should guide you
Break down every part of the beat
Match it word for sound to bring the heat
Drop out one-liners and discrete entities
And the continuous flow will bring you to your knees
Remove unnecessary explicits and shots
Buildin dams in your stream and creatin clots
I hope you still followin my torch-lit path
Many bumps in the road I don’t want you to crash
But to get your cash you must feel my wrath
My grip on the game and how it’s gonna change
Music’s too lame and is beyond a shame
So here’s my solution for current and future times
Quit getting caught in bullshit, don’t let media make your mind
Cause who are you really, people shiftin your thoughts daily
You’re not concrete, your brains asleep, and that’s the issue mainly
Too many puppets, not enough fuck-its, and a lot of smart folk thuggin it
Flip this game, it’s too much pain for little to no gain
Gotta run hard all day just to get some small change
But it’s not the extreme cause the next days the same