Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pilot Talk 2

Raekwon jumps on the remix of Michael Knight off Pilot Talk 2

Official Video:

I got a style for every bump in ya face
Greaseball ass nigga, Pontiac Judge
Open and Shut Case
You Know, I'm bowtied till I die
Though I made an exception for the '69
so quick off the line
Coin double side
but no matter what, we heads up
We in the yard, tell ya dawgs they should be aware of us
We break it off like an engagement gone bad
I fill ya jacuzzi with them groupies, make it a bird bath
Miss me? No you didn't bitch, with that bullshit, 'Miss me'
Tryna claim Spitta' name, tryna be Miss Me,
All of that is kicks to me, Silly rabbit trickery,
You only around because my spot is where you wish to be,
Hope to catch me sleepin by bein freaky,
But babygirl, let me be the first to say it's not that easy
I wasn't born yesterday, nor later on that evening,
Just had to get that out the way and make the playing field even


  1. Awesome stuff man. Great blog, you got a new follower!

  2. Good song picks man, and thanks for the lyrics too, you have good taste in music for sure!!

    Scored a new follower with this post~

  3. great songs mate
    i approve @jura1991 he loves new designs

  4. There is always an exception for a 69.