Friday, November 12, 2010

Tired of Hearing the Same Nonsense

Layin in bed thinkin how to alter this tune..
Hear repetitive noise everywhere I go,
Even in my own studio
Instruments are good and the lyrics are tame,
Makin the overall sound still the same
Rhyme it to the top when tell you where I reside,
Boone be that spot like the Fourth of July
Tune your head in to my intricate rhyme
Pattern and scheme, it’s how I’d like to make cream
Instead I earn my way through the belts
Yellow, orange, green creating a nice pattern scheme
Until I reach my goals I continue to smelt
Bow, bap, bam, and make contenders yelp
Black thing on my waist, so I’m feeling confident
But my masters taught me appropriate use of it
So I sit back and disregard the patterns ya’ll be following
Cause that type of sound just ain’t my calling
I’m gonna keep at this til my twinkle starts to beam
And leave everyone behind to sit and scheme
So grab your pen and show and tell
Hold up, my heads startin to swell
Migraines again from the same constant noise
Quell the ploys, take me back to girls and boys
Young and open-minded, never trying to hide it
It’s alright to be weak, have a moment of grief
Don’t let it turn you to a thief, man up and be chief
Accept what you can’t and do what you can
To accomplish the former by creatin a plan
Can’t stop when I start and constantly makin turns
Running tracks around the dog box while I earn
Your bones inside so stay in and hide
Or you’ll fall in my moat, once again I hate to gloat
But your noise be my pit crew you given me fuel
So I burn through tracks and accept all duels
Makin ya’ll thirsty, who’s got the mule
I put weight on your back til I hear it crack
Then force you to listen to yourself and say ‘wack’
While layin in the dry sand and dust, creativity becomes a must
To get on your feet, must I repeat
Catch it again or are the tricks slidin by ya?
Swag turned on, now let me take you higha
Not the Illusionist, but I play with fya
Learned the 8 rules, know how to be a fighta
Can levitate one back to my height
And drop them down with a hand sleight
I’m mean, not fictitious plus I spit that vicious
Don’t come from the N.O. but I still get that dough
Showin props throughout, without a doubt
Ya’ll have motivated me during droughts
Finished for now, end it with the shout

Let me know what you think! Brewin up more


  1. You should seriously get a guitar and record everything you write! Good job man

  2. Pretty awesome script right there. haha

  3. Nice man, can you post the meter and possible speed for the rhythm behind the rhyme? I think that would be cool too but is just my opinion :)

  4. this is a good follow up to your last one

  5. nice, I'm looking forward to the next post

  6. record some shit, writings completely different from rapping