Thursday, November 18, 2010

Curren$y - The Day

Some lyrics from Curren$y off Pilot Talk

brand new tires, rollin down the same old strip
new party, same old chicks
im so sorry if i dont look happy to be here
in your label office, but they said i cant smoke weed here
man fuck it im out, black owned
and im bout it fool, i got a studio in my house
along with some the perks that come with my work
pretty twenty something sleepin in my diamond supply shirt
there is not a adjective to describe how i work
hard is not enough, brother im tougher
whack niggas with that sleep rappin and woke up in trouble
you was cool ten years ago, you fucking lex bubbles
you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em
learn how to roll with the punches
take em to school, give these niggas brown bag lunches
if it aint the jets then it aint nothing


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  2. Not bad. I like how they combine the music in the background with the beat and lyrics. Just the way they do it has a nice ring.

  3. In Pericles, his queen and daughter, seen, Following!

  4. sweet lyrics in this song! :)
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