Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elevator Musi|c

Here i sit, on the floor
Earin up the beat i keep askin for more
Just exhaustin heat, from my core
Floatin to the ceiling next stop is the store
To satisfy my cravings I empty out my savings
Goji gummys swishers the essentials when i'm fading
Back into black, those were my darker times
Perhaps i'll shed some light on them later in my rhymes

Let me thank you for joining this affair
Without your listen i wouldn't be here
I've got plans for this game let me grab a chair
Risin up in the ranks, without the flair
Crashin lyrics with drums makes the song sound bare
So i mop the floors, covered with red hair
I'm a janitor on this beat i ain't gotta care
Now if you followin my flow we can make a pair

Try to keep it straight like a perfect rillo break
And stuff in so much quality that i have to use a rake
But not wrappin leaves just spittin fire til i freeze
Given you consecutive hits that bring you to your knees
Cloudin up the room with my left over debris
THC in the lungs, mary makes three
Who else is capable of coming out of their tree
And blazin this bomb in the field with me

I keep loads of stank on deck to burn
Stacks of broken bats that make the heart churn
Rippin center field bombs will make them learn
But every time they see me doin a 180 turn
Runnin to the fence won't let you get away
I fly over that shit and continue to spray
This potent smoke, chem trails in your way
Face it bro in this field your high all day