Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corner In My Room

There's a light i left on in my room
Been on for so long it's about to pop like a balloon
It illuminates the dark corners of my mind
Lettin me paint the rhymes like i'm doin the crimes
But what you're getting is much more than this
Cause I never stop to pop the bottles of criss
Just continue to write and spit, everythings legit
Question it, and you can just press skip
Don't need criticisms or little snide comments
I'm freein my mind up with the commets
Don't feel i'm above or better, despite my polo sweater
Still, hidden in these lines are plenty of treasures
I ain't pimpin or wheelin low in my ride
But then again, i've never tried
So basically what i'm saying is i've become tired
Of listenin to this wack, why aren't they fired
So much skill out there, just lacking audience with an ear
For quality over muck, passion before luck
Times running out and everyone will be fucked
This is your generation don't hop on the truck
Or bus, or trolly, you followin that line crawling
Might as well have UPS puttin you on a dolly
And now you standin there like a lolli
So pop in my tunes, maybe eat some shrooms
Expand your mind beyond it's current binds
Before dark times loom guarentee they coming soon
I've seen em all from this corner of my room

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