Monday, November 15, 2010

Back Again

Back again to end all the racket,
Take the beat wrap it, restrain it in a jacket
Make jackin impossible when I get straight
Create, never late nor imitate
Always fascinate and avoid the break
Let originals be that, quit with the fake
Taking vehicles out of the used lot
Trying to make changes to a beat up stock
Maybachin my material so it can’t be jocked
But I know all the bummys are still gonna flock
Not from the hood or even a city
But I got insight, enough to give pity
Try to bring the game back to righteous times
When skill meant more than one punch line
Per song, per album; ya’ll Ballin? That I can’t fathom,
My flow is gonna grab em
Snatch up your audience and your buyers
Movin in the hood with cheaper fire
Slices for fifty of strictly potent shit
You workin with that brick, I call it counterfeit
Talkin bout guns, groupies, and murder plots
Last time you played with arms your own leg got shot
Don’t understand that the people, they want it straight
So fall back for two years, listen, anticipate
For my takeover, no need to participate
Sittin on the crate behind bars is where you belong
My 17’ll get you trapped, leave you with a collapsed lung
Gasp for air, you’re almost there,
Hop on this beat and you’ve fed yourself to bears

Will get these over some instrumentals..


  1. keep up the good work, and I'll keep coming back :)

  2. this was the most interesting to me

  3. i like the part where you shot me in the lung.

  4. Great post. waiting for more updates