Sunday, October 31, 2010

Up Here

niggas know the lyrical molestin has taken place
second guessin spit vicious aint safe
concentrated on the album
fell back from the tapes
soon as this is done its back to square one
its the return of a real life live nigga
no tint ride fly goin high
record label meetings im high in em
got a nigga stressed they dont wanna cut the check
unless they feel they'll get a major BDS
Try to put me in the house niggas suit
So they could present me to the press
But i built my own house and you're an unwelcome guest
My heart my mind is where i had my wealth first
my pcket and my bank account came next
Z6 vette G5 jet 20k bets while you niggas still in debt
wonder what im doin why havent i dropeed yet
im on your bitches my mind and the haters neck

And i cant see you ninjas from up here
and i cant hear you nigas from up here
so i aint too concncered with what you doin down there
cause thats that sucka shit and we dont allow that around here

When the wheels touch down you know the jets in town
smokin from a personal pound i leave ground
still high after the plane land
your bitch wit me
you left her seventeen voicemails nigga damn
you myspacin facebookin lookin for your girl to no avail
shes been tookin
spitta and that jet music you should get used to it
cant beat us
cant join us neither
we dont need ya
got our eyes on the prize my nigga
we dont see ya
niggas starvin for attention
so they throwin bait to the sky fly fishin
i aint trippin cause them simpletons aint even in a nigga division
this is real rap
them niggas is real wack
im standin in the customer service return line
with my microphone tryin to bring hip hop back

And i cant see you niggas from up here
And i cant hear you niggas from up here
So i aint too concerned with what you doin down there
Cause thats that sucker shit and we dont allow that around here

Yung Roddy
Since the clock dont stop Im gettin money in a rush
And all the shit that i heard i kept it on the hush
And im fly as fuck and i dont mean to cuss
Just * like puple haze *  bucks
And mamma told me hold it down she dont ask for much
So im on (my jefferson) shit im movin up
And my texas hommie told me that hed even screw me up
And never will i ever reach glory without guts
Real niggas call it skills fake niggas call it luck
so most niggas pay for jina so must niggas get fucked
and i still run the city like a rta bus
and im still hard to find like a diamond in the rough
a trend setter so they copy how i do mine
a nigga switched his hustle and now i got a new grind
we keep jars of kush no grey pupoun
the circle has been set now we dont need a new *


  1. is this origional stuff? if so, congratz!

  2. are you a songwriter? you should get a grammy or any kind of recognition for your lyrical talent

  3. I like it - looks like it might even be good to a hip-hop beat instead of a rap beat (faster tempo).

  4. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

  5. interesting..I want a new post..:)